Loans tailored to you

Borrow from 5 000 NOK and up to 7,5 million NOK.

Choose the loan that suits your needs the best

Whether you want to renovate your kitchen, buy a car, finally take that trip abroad, or consolidate credit card debt – Instabank can help you reach your ambitions with repayment plans and refinancing tailored to you.

Consumption loan with collateral / Mortgage

This is our best offer for those who own a dwelling. You will get our lowest interest rate and can loan from 100.000 to 7.500.000 NOK, with a downpayment up to 30 years.
The loan is perfect for refinancing other expensive debt, for projects or other needs you may have.

If you already have a regular mortgage, we can take a 2. priority collateral so that you can keep your existing mortgage. The process is both easy and beneficial for you as a customer.

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Personal loan / Unsecured loan

Our personal loan offer up to 500.000 NOK without any collateral and up to 15 years downpayment. The loan is perfect for both refinancing of other unsecured debt and for financing special projects or needs, and the loan process is streamlined and easy

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All you need to know

Nominal interest ratefrom 4,99 % 
Set-up feekr 900
Installment feekr 40

How it works

  • Loan amount: 5 000 NOK – 7,5 million NOK
  • Repayment time: Flexible
  • Nominal interest rate: from 4,99 % 
  • Monthly payment: Flexible or set amount per month

Loan example

Effective interest rate 16,24%, 65 000, over 5 years, cost 28 068, total: 93 068.

Criteria to apply for a loan at Instabank

  • You must be at least 23 years old
  • Income over 250 000 kroner per year
  • Your total debt cannot be more than 5 x gross income
  • You must be able to handle an interest rate increase of 5 percentage points on your total debt
  • Your age plus repayment time is not higher than 80 years